Notes on the Pronunciation of Variant Characters in the BZA Project

Here is some detailed information on the modern pronounciation of the variant characters of the BZA Project. These were compiled from the following sources:

Where no information on the pronouncation was available we have made an educated guess. In the 16 juan of the BZA we found five non-Unicode characters (g002, g003, g014, g028, g029).

Marcus Bingenheimer, Shu Huiyu 疏惠郁 - June 2007.

Glyph: g001[漂*寸] appears in bza016

Glyph: g002[寤-吾+告] appears in bza029. Wu4?

Glyph: g003[口*(隹/乃)] appears in bza031

Glyph: g004[狂-王+巨] appears in bza003

Glyph: g005[狂-王+虛] appears in bza003

Glyph: g006[木*奈] appears in tn0099-1080

Glyph: g007[口*匿] appears in T22.1421.0015a03

Glyph: g008[真/心] appears in T22.1428.0587a25

Glyph: g009[黍-禾+利] appears in T02.0118.0508b20

Glyph: g010[漩-方] appears in bza037

Glyph: g011[犛-未+牙] appears in bza061

Glyph: g012[牛*羊] appears in bza061

Glyph: g013[(殼-一)/牛] appears in bza080. Gu3?

Glyph: g014[淴-勿+(句-口+夕)] appears in bza080. Cong1?

Glyph: g015[驃*寸] appears in T24.1464.0867b09

Glyph: g016[革*周] appears in T02.0119.0510b17

Glyph: g017[口*號] appears in T04.0212.0703a23. Hao2?

Glyph: g018[昝-人+几] appears in T01.0095.0918b25

Glyph: g019[馬*婁] appears in T04.0203.0465b19

Glyph: g020[王*梨] appears in T03.0191.0962c10

Glyph: g021[怡-台+霍] appears in T02.0125.0719b20. Huo4?

Glyph: g022[土*瓦] appears in bza021

Glyph: g023[疊*毛] appears in bza081

Glyph: g024[怡-台+龍] appears in bza093

Glyph: g025[泥/土] appears in bza097

Glyph: g026[口*磬] appears in bza099

Glyph: g027[跍*月] appears in bza119

Glyph: g028[仁-二+商] appears in bza119

Glyph: g029[口*(利/尒)] appears in bza219

Glyph: g030[施-方+魚] appears in T04.0212.0647a29

Glyph: g031[言*口] appears in T03.0186.0519a25

Glyph: g032[女*(犮-乂+又)] appears in T04.0193.0076a23. Bo2?

Glyph: g033[葶-丁+呆] 藁 appears in T02.0122.0545a24

Glyph: g034[(王*巨)/木] appears in T02.0125.0636a06

Glyph: g035[月*者] appears in T02.0125.0636a06

Glyph: g036[羽*包] appears in T02.0127.0834c06

Glyph: g037[(禾*尤)/上/日] appears in T01.0005.0169a10

Glyph: g038[少/兔] appears in T01.0007.0199a02

Glyph: g039[澗-日+月] appears in tn0099-1145

Glyph: g040[月*庸] appears in tn0099-1150

Glyph: g041[跳-兆+(梳-木)] appears in tn0099-0091

Glyph: g042[烈-列+(里*吉)] appears in tn0099-1184

Glyph: g043[怡-台+敖] 慠 appears in tn0099-1139

Glyph: g044[色-巴+鹿] 麁 appears in tn0099-1142

Glyph: g045[豎-豆+立] 竪 appears in tn0099-1142

Glyph: g046[泛-之+(犮-乂+又)] 泼 appears in bza130

Glyph: g047[打-丁+(稯-禾)] appears in bza257

Glyph: g048[蹲-酋+(十/田/ㄙ)] appears in bza328