bza009 -- A young monk does his work 年少比丘壞魔軍

別譯雜阿含: bza009 BZA English: 別譯雜阿含英譯 雜阿含: za1070 SN: SN,II,277 (Navo)


如是我聞:一時佛在舍衛國 祇樹給孤獨園




「汝實不佐眾僧而作衣 * 耶?」






我涅槃法    終不為彼
懈怠無智    之所獲得
猶如良馬    上大丈夫
斷除愛結    盡諸煩惱
除祛四取    獲于寂滅
能壞魔軍    住最後身


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A young monk does his work

Translation of BZA 009. First version published in Buddhist Studies Review vol. 23-1 (2006).

Thus have I heard, once, the Buddha was staying at Sāvatthī at the Jeta Grove in the Anāthapiṇḍika Park.

It happened that at that time a great number of monks had gathered in the Dhamma hall, and all were making robes. At that time there was one young monk , who had but recently gone forth, had just received the precepts. He sat among the monks, but was not making robes. The monks, once finished with the robes, went to the Buddha, paid homage to his feet and sat to one side. They told the Buddha: ‘World-honored One! We monks were sitting in the Dhamma hall, stitching our robes and this young monk sat between us, not doing anything to make robes for the community’. The Buddha said to the young monk: ‘Is it true that you didn’t help with the robes?’. The monk answered the Buddha: ‘World-honored One! I too was striving to do my part of the monks’ work’. The World-honored One knew what the monk thought and told the other monks: ‘You should not reprimand this young monk for not working. This monk has done what is to be done, attained Arahatship, ended all defilements, cast off the heavy burden, found right knowledge, his mind is liberated’.

At that time the Buddha spoke a verse:

This nirvanic truth of mine / is not something those//
lazy and without knowledge / can attain.//
Like a good horse / the best [practitioner]//
breaks the fetter of attachment / ends all defilements,//
gives up the four clingings / attains Nirvāṇa,//
can defeat Māra’s armies / wears the final body.//

When the Buddha had finished, the monks, having listened to what he had said, were happy and practised accordingly.

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